The company

Sprillo is the result of a collaboration between two companies, a mechanical design firm (C.Z.) and an electrical installation company (ELETTRORIOLO). It was designed to face the problem of the reeling of electrical cable for civil use, and for which, to date the electrical sector has not managed to provide a valid solution.

C.Z. di Zaccarelli Carlo
Via Martiri di Felisio n°261
48014 Castelbolognese ( RA ) - ITALY
Tel. / FAX 0546 54215
Tel. / FAX 0546 74201
Vat code: 02153390394

Carlo Zaccarelli Mobile: +39 333 5228434
Maurizio Veggi Mobile: +39 335 5430157
VZ di Veggi Maurizio e Zaccarelli Carlo | via Martiri di Felisio, n° 261 - 48014 Castel Bolognese (RA)